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The West Creek Village Development Project is the largest, most transformative socio-economic project in the history of Central California.

We are currently in the process of engaging the “Construction Plan Design Process”. After spending the past nine years aligning ourselves with the City of Fresno, State Center Community College District (SCCCD), Strategic Growth Council (SGC), and the Citizens of Southwest Fresno, 2500 MLK, LLC has now moved forward on the West Creek Village Master Development Project.

The West Creek Village Project is a 120-acre multi-phase mixed-use project consisting of the initial phases of a Community Park and a State Center Community College District West Fresno Community College Campus. The West Creek Village Project immediate future phases will consist of single-family quality homes, multi-family mixed-income housing, and approximately 323,000 square feet of medical, business, and retail.

The community park will be on the scale and level of the newly built Inspiration Park and is expected to have all the amenities of a world-class park. The Fresno City College West Fresno campus is projected to be a full curriculum college providing a pathway to an AA Degree in Public Health Care and Transfer Degrees.

The 323,000 square feet of retail, business, and medical is

projected to provide over 1000 part-time and permanent jobs

and will consist of a Big Box Grocer, Major Brand Retailers of all Varieties and Assortments, along with Business Office Space and Community Medical Center.


The West Creek Village Project is totally in line and is the fulfillment of The City of Fresno 2035 General Plan’s “Complete Neighborhood Concept” where neighborhoods have connections to transportation, housing, jobs, retail, recreation, and services. Additionally, the West Creek Village Project is part of the Southwest Fresno Specific Plan and targeted as a Magnet Core for immediate implementation with Off-Site Construction starting as early as summer 2022.

Furthermore, the West Creek Village Project is targeted to be a Fresno Transformative Climate Communities Project (FTCCP) that has the intent and potential to totally catalyze and transform Southwest Fresno. The West Creek Village Project is an extraordinary once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that addresses all three objectives of FTCCP, which are GHG Reduction, Public Health and Environmental Benefits, Economic Opportunity, and Shared Prosperity. The West Creek Village Project incorporates all ten FTCCP Strategies of Equitable Housing and Neighborhood Development, Transit Access and Mobility, Decarbonized Energy and Energy Efficiency, Water Efficiency, Materials Management, Urban Greening and Green Infrastructure, Land Conservation and Restoration, Health and Well Being, Workforce Development and Education, High Job Creation and Local Economic Development.

In conclusion, the West Creek Village Project is already under implementation with the vision of the community and strong collaborative relationships with our respective partners. All properties have been annexed into the City of Fresno, the City of Fresno General Plan has been amended, the property has been pre-rezoned for project uses, and our Development Permit Application has been approved. 2500 MLK, LLC stands project ready meeting all readiness requirements, consistent with SWFSP, our project area is within the required TCC CalEnviroScreen 3.0 Five Mile Plan Area, displacement avoidance policies and, procedures have been adapted and will be implemented. Our West Creek Village Development strategies, goals, and project types are consistent with the City of Fresno, FTCCC, and TCC Programs’ and their strategies, goals, and project types.





Million in Project Investments 


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