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The West Creek Village Community Connective Impact Center (WCVCCIC) is the anchor and nucleus that connects all businesses, facilities, programs, and services within the West Creek Village Development Area, along with all Southwest Fresno.


The community center's programs will include education, child

care and development, health and wellness, mental health, pre-and post-term infant care, job readiness, career development, housing services, literacy, culinary arts, and entrepreneurship programs. These programs will help to improve literacy through pre-school education, teaching self-sufficiency values, pre-employment training for youth, teen pregnancy guidance, along with general anti-drug, anti-gang, anti-racism, anger management, and conflict resolution curriculum.

WCVCCIC’s programs will provide educational training and services to help needy families with their childcare and child development crises by working with low-income parents, underprivileged, disenfranchised, and disadvantaged youth. Some programs will include mental health assistance, preterm pregnancy
intervention, education on the prevention of sexually transmitted diseases, HIV, and drugs; along with gender equality education. Also, programs will address the transitional housing problem in order to help parents more effectively deal with their childcare development challenges.

WCVCCIC is truly dedicated to the wealth, health, and betterment of the people in its community, so we have also implemented additional teaching, training, services, and technical assistance in the skill of adult development mentoring, tutoring, financial literacy, IT literacy, culinary arts, and entrepreneurship.

West Creek Village Connective Impact Community Center will be the facility to provide the physical along with the community social-economic-cultural programming and services that will assure all the components, programs, and services of the West Creek Village Development Project Area are fully integrated, utilized, and implemented throughout the community of southwest Fresno indefinitely, creating the optimum level of integration and sustainability.

Finally, West Creek Village Community Connective Impact Center will house our community facilities' district maintenance and security programs, which will maintain and secure our

West Creek Village Development Project and surrounding areas.

Prospective Collaborative Program and Service Partners


Blue Ocean America Community Development

City of Fresno PALS
City of Fresno Bringing Broken Neighborhoods Back To Life
City of Fresno Parks After School, Recreation and Community Services West
Fresno Family Resource Center
Washington Union School District
Fresno Unified School District
California State University Fresno
Department of Social Services
FUSD African American Academic Acceleration
MJM Training Learning for the Future
Big Brothers and Big Sisters of America
Assistance League of FresnoBuilding
Healthy Families
North Star Family and Wellness Center
Centro La Familia
Black Wellness and Prosperity Center
National Alliance on Mental Illness
Community Food Bank
Fresno Metro Ministry

Asian Business Institute & Resource Center
Valley Children’s Preterm Infant Tele-Medicine Center Central
Bitwise Industries

Blue Ocean Development America

Blue Ocean Development America





Million in Project 



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